Destroying The Spirit Of Rejection

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Christ's Own Rejection

When Jesus came to the earth, He was not received. Even His own people rejected him. Isaiah 53:3 says that He was despised and rejected of men. But He was rejected so that we could be delivered from rejection. He took our rejection upon Himself so that He could deliver us from rejection. Christ experienced every form of rejection possible. He is acquainted with our rejection, with our sorrow and our grief.

The biggest form of rejection came when He said, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” It was at that moment He became sin, and He experienced divine rejection. The Father could not accept Him because of all the sins of the world laid upon Him. God always rejects sin. Jesus became sin, went through rejection, suffered, and was beaten, wounded, and bruised in order to deliver us from rejection.

Rejection is a major stronghold, and acceptance in Christ is the central aspect of deliverance and salvation. Because of Christ’s rejection we can be accepted in the Beloved. We can be accepted through the blood of Jesus. We can be accepted by grace. We don’t have to be perfected through legalism or keeping laws. We can be accepted by faith.