Discover Your True Worth With Lindsay Roberts


Living from the heart is unconventional. The world around us teaches us to live according to the head. Often we think only with our heads or we use our human powers of reason. We think about the obvious, the norms, or the business-as-usual in our heads when our hearts are screaming something entirely different. If we’re not careful, when we think with our heads, we’ll make the mistake of ignoring what our hearts know to be true and right.

With our heads, we try to analyze, but our hearts are designed to simply believe the things of God. While our heads evaluate situations and look for perfection that probably never exists, our hearts may miss hearing God’s voice calling us into the right way to go or leading us to the supernatural gifts God has prepared for us. Sometimes hearing with our hearts makes more sense than hearing with our heads ever will.

Perhaps under what our heads notice lie amazing things we never noticed about ourselves or about the people around us. As human beings we have a keen knack for observing the obvious. But what about observing not only the obvious but all that God has for us? . . .

The Bible talks about the “still small voice” (1 Kings 19:12), that is, the gentle nudging of God’s Spirit, His precious voice giving us an impression, a feeling, a knowing. Some call it “gut instinct.” It’s a gift of emotional sensitivity from God, which He has placed particularly and strategically in us for divine information. We don’t have to ask whether God is speaking. The question is, are we listening? And if we are listening, what are we doing with the precious information He communicates to us? . . .

Without all the trappings of this world, we are women of substance and immeasurable worth. We have an essential nature that is at the heart of who we are. It has nothing to do with what goes on in our heads. It’s where our true life in God takes place. To become women God can use, we must live from the heart, not the head.


Father, please open my heart to Your voice. I want to hear Your guidance for me so that I can do Your will and fulfill Your purpose for me. Amen.