Becoming Like Jesus: Silence and Solitude


Righteous and Just


Heavenly Father, here I am. Teach me more about who you are today. Jesus, make me more like you in these moments. Holy Spirit, please open my eyes to what you want me to see and help me to hear your voice. In Jesus’ name, amen.


And the heavens proclaim his righteousness,
for he is a God of justice. Psalm 50:6 NIV


The word “righteous” describes the character trait that makes God a just Judge. He’s fair and equitable. He always does what is right, even when it comes to punishing sin. And though there’s often a stigma attached to the idea of judgment, the truth is, we all deeply desire the just judgment of God. We want things to be set right, and because God is both righteous and just, He is the ultimate righter of wrongs. Through Jesus, He has begun the work of setting the world back in order, of making all things new—and He has invited us to join Him on His mission of rescuing humanity and restoring creation.

In your own words, describe what makes God’s judgment just. What emotions does that stir up? Comfort? Relief? Something else?

What’s a wrong in the world you are praying for God to right? How might He be inviting you to join Him in bringing justice to that broken place?

What do you think it means for the heavens to proclaim His righteousness?


Set a timer for 5-10 minutes.

Lead into your listening by praying Psalm 46:10 over yourself. “Be still and know that I am God.” Still yourself. Take some deep breaths. Keep repeating those words, dropping off one phrase at a time, until you are just reminding yourself to “Be.”

Be still and know that I am God.
Be still and know that I AM.
Be still and know.
Be still.

Ask God to speak to you.

When you get distracted, come back to Jesus by just saying, “Yes” to joining Him on His mission to rescue humanity and restore creation. Keep giving Him your unconditional yes.