[Life of David] From Shepherd to King

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Are you a leader?

What is a leader? The dictionary says that a leader is a person who guides others. But a leader is much more: a leader influences people, inspires them to reach objectives, to believe, to make changes, and to never give up.

Each of us can influence other people, which occasionally ushers us into the role of a leader. We must be prepared to lead according to God’s way. Let’s learn God’s way to lead from David, one of the most famous kings of the Bible.

When David was a teenager, he was a shepherd; God brought him from the fields to anoint him to be king over Israel. David wasn’t yearning to be a leader. He didn’t choose to be one. God chose David. He chose him to guide His people because He knew what David was all about.

What did God see in David to choose him to guide His people as king? The Bible says that God saw that David would guide His people with a pure heart and skillful hands.

A pure heart means that the leader has the correct motivation and vision of what the position or office will entail, and no intention to lie or trick others. We can receive a pure heart only by drawing close to God. His word discerns our intentions and thoughts.

Skill is the combination of abilities—talent, knowledge, and practice. When God calls us to do an assignment, He also gives us the skills we need to do what He wants from us. Often, He begins developing such skills through difficult situations or hard times.

You can set the tone everywhere you are. You can be a thermostat instead of a thermometer.

As a student, you are a leader in your high school, in your middle school, or your elementary school. You influence what happens at your lunch table, on the football field, in the band room, the Drama department, or the classroom. You are a leader; you are an influencer.

As a mom, as a dad, or as a single adult in your workplace you are also a leader or influencer. With a pure heart and skillful hands, you can influence what is all around you to trigger a change for the better.