BibleProject | Trusting God Through Suffering

BibleProject | Trusting God Through Suffering

DAY 6 OF 6

The book of Job ends with God restoring all that Job has lost. What does this teach us? First, let’s remember that the narrative has already shown us that God’s justice operates beyond the concept of only the righteous being rewarded and only the wicked receiving punishment. While it’s true that God is a rewarder of those who seek him (Hebrews 11:6) and that he justly punishes evil (Isaiah 13:11), these characteristics of God do not always work out in the ways that we expect. So God’s restoration of Job’s health and prosperity was not a reward for Job’s righteousness, just as Job’s tragic losses were not God’s punishment. The final scene of the book simply demonstrates that no matter what happens in our life, good or bad, we can rely on God to be generous, and we can count on his restorative power to have the last word.

As we conclude the final day of the reading plan, let’s review. Watch our Overview video on the book of Job to review the literary design of the book and its flow of thought.

1) How would you summarize the message of the video in your own words?
2) How did this reading plan encourage or expand your understanding of the book of Job?
3) Who can you share this with today?


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BibleProject | Trusting God Through Suffering

How can we trust God even when we suffer unfairly? Join us for this six-day reading plan to reflect on Job’s story and discover what it looks like to trust God's wisdom even as we face difficult times.

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