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Do We Care Enough? When the Israelites sinned with the golden calf, God declared to Moses that he would destroy the Israelites and make Moses and his descendants a great nation in their place. From a worldly perspective, what an offer for Moses! But Moses cared for the Israelites, wanted God’s Word for the Israelites to be fulfilled and had no selfish ambition for himself. And then Moses interceded for the Israelites and God heard his prayer. When we intercede in prayer for others, we need to care for them and for God’s purposes to be achieved – it is not about ourselves. Prayer: Lord God, we ask that as we intercede for others, we will not do this just as a duty but with genuine concern and care for them and without any selfish motive. And, Lord, while interceding, let us always keep your purposes and key goals of our intercession. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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We Pray

Moses prayed and pleaded with God in the wilderness to preserve his own name and character and not destroy Israel. As leaders, we must learn prayer covering and intercession for God's people. This 28-day reading plan ...

We would like to thank the International Christian Assembly, Hong Kong for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: www.icahk.org

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