Boundaries: Get Off the Crazy Train.

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Why do we allow people space in our lives that don’t promote healthy relationship habits? We think boundaries are mean and that it’s unchristian of us to set some rules of engagement, so we stress out, we act out, we lash out and then we miss out on peace!

And often we find ourselves giving empty threats or cutting people out of our lives until we feel guilty, so we let them back in and the crazy train goes around the same track over and over again. Sound familiar?

In the beginning of the Old Testament, we see God repeatedly set up specific boundaries - boundaries all around their tribes, their land, their homes, and their people. Those boundaries provided protection. They provided a way to make a living. Boundaries were the people’s inheritance - their promise and gift from God! Some of you are really understanding how much of a gift a boundary could be – am I right?

Now when you start setting boundaries, you can just say they are gifts from God (with a big smile of course).

In Joshua 14, after the boundaries of land had been set up, it says “THEN THE LAND HAD REST FROM WAR”. That’s a word right there. Are you exhausted from battling others? Do you feel like you need some rest from relationship wars in your life?

Satan uses our lack of boundaries to create chaos, stress, and unrest – which robs us of the PEACE of GOD! What areas in your life right now are missing the peace of God because of chaos and stress?

God shows us how important it is to provide boundaries for us and our family. He shows us how important our family is and how important our own space is. He’s given us boundaries to protect us and provide room for his presence.

We have to learn how to say NO to people and YES to GOD. Do you feel like you and God have your own space? Today, start praying for Wisdom for where God wants you to set Boundaries.