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You Can Count on God by Max Lucado - 7 Day PlanSample

You Can Count on God by Max Lucado - 7 Day Plan

DAY 1 OF 7


John’s gospel could well have been subtitled That You May Believe.

Why tell about the water-to-wine miracle? So you would believe that Jesus can restore what life has taken.

Why tell about the lame man who took up his mat or the blind man who washed the mud from his eyes? That you might believe in a Jesus who sees a new version of us and gives new vision to us.

Why walk on water, feed the thousands, and raise the dead? That you would believe God still calms the storms of life, still solves the problems of life, and still brings the dead to life.

Need grace? Jesus’ work of redemption is still finished.

Need reassurance that it’s all true? The tomb is still empty.

Need a second chance? The coal fire is still burning on the Galilean shore.

All these events stand together as one voice, cheering you on, calling on you to believe that this miracle-working God cares for you, fights for you, and will come to your aid.


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