In the Beginning: A Study in Genesis 1-14

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Does the Bible Teach Creation or Evolution?

Genesis opens by revealing that everyone and everything begins with God. Everyone and everything is made by God, ruled by God, and responsible to God. Furthermore, although the Bible is for us, as the opening line shows, it is mainly about God as He is both the author and subject of history and Scripture. Consequently, everything else in human history and Scripture is dependent upon God and only good when functioning according to His intentions for it from creation. 

From the opening line of Scripture, God is clearly revealed as Creator from which all creation comes. God is The Creator who both made creation and prepared it for us solely by the power of His word. This is indicated by the repeated phrases, “And God said” and “Let there be” or “Let the . . .”. When God spoke, creation obeyed His command, as is repeatedly demonstrated by the phrase “And it was so.” After each act of creating, God pronounced the perfectly sinless nature of His creation with the phrase “And God saw that it was good”. 

There is a set pattern to God’s words in Genesis 1. It is as follows:

Announcement: “And God said.”

Commandment: “Let there be.”

Separation: God separated the day and night, water and land, animals and plants.

Report: “And it was so.”

Evaluation: “And God saw that it was good.”

The creation account as a whole goes to great lengths to make it clear that the God who created everything according to the first verse is the same God who prepared the land for humans to dwell with him in the remainder of Genesis 1 and 2. The God of creation is also the God of covenant relation. He is the beginning and the end. This is the foundation upon which the rest of Scripture should be read.


If God is so committed to an orderly environment for human flourishing, how are you doing at organizing your home, budget, schedule, health, etc.? What is currently needing your time and energy to get it orderly and beautiful?