The Value Of Time

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The Beginning Of Time

Have you ever wondered when time began? What is this concept of time? Who created time?

I never paid much attention to this topic until I was preparing a sermon series for church and God spoke to my heart about time. The answer is God created time, and it did not happen by some random big bang! The Bible opens up with the whole concept of time, in the book of Genesis it speaks of God coming onto the scene of total darkness, emptiness, and nothingness. It tells us of the Holy Spirit brooding over this murky scene, and then God spoke his first recorded words, "Let there be light; and there was light." (Genesis 1:5 NIV).

After God spoke light into existence, he saw it was good, and God distinguished between light and darkness and this marked the beginning of time.

From this understanding of the beginning of time, it will stand to reason, there must also be an end to time. I present to you today that time is a gift from God and we must learn to value the time we have been given.

What are you spending your time on today and is it adding or taking away from your life?

Prayer: Help me Lord to understand the gift of time.