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Humility: Your Power Tool of LoveSample

Humility: Your Power Tool of Love

DAY 1 OF 3

Know Your Power of Humility

Your entire life’s purpose on Earth as Christians boils down to two things: Love God and love each other. If you were to build or repair something, it would be much to your advantage to use a power tool that operates from an energy source much stronger than yourself. Figuratively speaking, when you live in Christ, humility is your power tool to build or repair love between you and others and grow your love for God.

My favorite game show as a child was, “Let’s Make a Deal”. Door #1 may have concealed a new car, while Door #2 may have hidden a goat with a saddle on its back. To win the car, the player had to guess the correct Door. Real-life situations can also be illustrated by simple “door” analogies. For example, each day you are confronted with choosing what’s behind the door of humility or the contrasting door of pride, but unlike “Let’s Make a Deal”, your daily life should no longer be a guessing game.

There is a vast difference between what’s behind the door of humility and what’s behind the door of pride. Behind the door of pride is conflict with God, conflict with others, and destruction in your life. Behind the door of humility is God’s supernatural power source called grace! In the same manner that electricity or gas fuels a power saw, God gives you grace through your power tool of humility to supernaturally energize your ability to choose love over temptation and sin in any situation.

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