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Pray, Wife! Pray!Sample

Pray, Wife! Pray!

DAY 1 OF 7

Becoming a Wise Wife

Our lives are seldom stagnant. We find ourselves growing and advancing, or we find ourselves losing ground and regressing. Our marriages are the same way. If we are wise, we will do everything we can to cause our relationships to grow and flourish.

We will build them.

Typically, build means to construct, but in the context of Proverbs 14:1, build means "establish, increase, or strengthen.” Our goal as wise wives should be to do things that solidify and build up our union with our husbands. As we spend time with God and in His Word, we will find the wisdom to build our marriages and lives.

Let’s prioritize seeking and applying God’s wisdom in our lives so that we will be wives who build and never destroy.


Lord, in the past, I’ve been an agent in tearing down my own house. I allowed pride, selfishness, and anger to lead me rather than following Your word and Your wisdom. Those days are gone. Thank You for growing me into a woman of wisdom who builds her house. I pray that my words and actions build. Let them build my husband, my marriage, and me. May I realize the power I have to build or destroy and never be foolish again, in Jesus’ name.


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Pray, Wife! Pray!

Changes in our marriages will only happen in proportion to changes in us. Yes, our husbands need to grow, but we can’t control their growth. We only have authority over our own. This devotional is designed to help us yie...


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