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Revival: Praying Through the WordSample

Revival: Praying Through the Word

DAY 1 OF 6

Pray for the Nations: Elected To Pray

Meditate On It

1. What is the first thing that the Apostle Paul instructed his disciple, Timothy, to do? What are the different types of prayers? For who are these prayers supposed to be (v1)?

2. What is the intended result and effect of these prayers (v2,8)?

3. How does God consider such prayers? What is God’s purpose behind it (v3-4)?

4. What does it mean that Jesus Christ is the One mediator between God and men (v5)? How is He able to fulfill this role (v6)?

5. What does the Apostle Paul say regarding His calling (v7)? What does He reiterate to do (v8)?

Apply It

As God’s people, we are elected and commanded to pray for all men, especially our leaders. We are to lift up our nation and other nations to the King of kings and Ruler of the World, the Lord Jesus. The condition of our nation, and of our very lives, are dependent on God's response to our prayer devotion. As the Philippine elections loom over us, let us be in diligent discernment and intentional intercession.

1. How can I make a habit to constantly pray for every candidate and incumbent government leader? Do I pray for their salvation as well as tranquility and peace for all of the country and its citizens?

2. How do I engage with those who differ with me in terms of view, preference, and candidates? How can I bring about godly wisdom and gentleness when conversing with others about national issues?

3. Am I fulfilling my God-given role as a good citizen of this nation? In what way can I contribute to nation-building? By faith, I will do my part by…

Set Simple, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic, Time-bound (SMART) commitments

Example: “As a citizen of this country, I will pray and fast every Friday noon time for the national elections in May.”

Pray It

Intercede on behalf of our country—including our incumbent and incoming leaders, that we may all seek the Lord over the issues that continually encroach upon our nation.

  • For every citizen to vote wisely with discernment; no vote-buying, fraudulent counting, and ghost voters.
  • For the Lord’s hand be in the process of electing leaders who will allow us to live peaceful and quiet lives

Pray for leaders to be elected who will uphold biblical values and exemplify godly character, competence, justice, accountability, and family—for them to serve with integrity, wisdom, faithfulness, protection, and guidance:

  • The President, Vice President, Cabinet Members and advisers
  • The Senators and Congressmen
  • The Chief Justice and all justices
  • The Military and Police force
  • The Local Government and Barangay officials

Pray for major national issues:

  • Alleviation of CoVid19, proper crisis-management, and economic sustainability
  • Graft and corruption, drugs, forced labor, human trafficking
  • Ungodly values, moral decline, materialism, idolatry
  • Economic hurdles, traffic problem, bills, and laws that are against God’s word and will
  • That more Filipinos from all walks of life be saved and for them to develop a genuine reverential fear of the Lord.

Christian Values Movement Foundation Inc.

  • For the Lord to work in and through this movement to raise awareness among Filipinos (especially the youth) through political knowledge and good citizenship.

Lift up a prayer for the world—including other nations and governments, that we may all depend on the Lord to thwart the further spread of CoVid19, to carry us through the adverse effects on the world economy, and to enable medical advancements for the health and protection of all.


Day 2

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