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Come • Be Filled • Go Out!Sample

Come • Be Filled • Go Out!

DAY 1 OF 21

Week 1 ~ Come

This week, let us come to the Father for our every need, trusting his heart and believing his words to us, his children.

Day 1: Come and Find Rest

Come Before Him in Worship: As we enter this 21-day prayer journey, kneel before Jesus (if you are able) in a posture of worship and submission. Praise Him that His heart toward you is gentle and lowly and that He desires for you to find rest in Him. Offer your whole heart to Him for this journey! Trust Him to awaken any piece of it that has fallen asleep. Take time to allow Him to speak into this praise and surrender.

Reflect: Remember the day that you accepted the invitation of Jesus to come to Him for salvation. You understood that you came as you were, with all your cares and burdens and he gently took you to himself. Take a moment to remember that wonderful feeling of freedom! This is still Jesus’ call to us today as his children. He tells us to come and exchange our heavy burdens for the light and easy yoke that He wants to carry for us. Jesus came for us because He loves us and knew we needed Him. That hasn’t changed! We are entirely dependent upon him for this divine life within us. It is only as we come to Him daily to receive the needed provisions of this divine life, the manna for today, that He joyfully meets us in our need, quiets our souls, and makes us strong!

Respond in Prayer: (Allow these questions to draw you into a conversation with God. Believe that you hear and know His voice - John 10:14. Try journaling the answers He gives you. This will make His voice more tangible and give you a place to return to and remember what He has spoken to you.)

Father, what burdens have I inadvertently begun carrying on my own? How do I give them to you? What is your desire for me?

Gracious Lord, thank you for saving me and setting me apart from the burden of living life on my own. I desire to trust you in all things without fear. Please show me how.

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