Proverbs – Introduction To Wisdom

9 Days

Proverbs is a book of wisdom from above, tucked inside of metaphors, symbols, and poetic imagery. In Proverbs, we enroll in the divine seminary of wisdom and revelation to learn the ways of God. Although the Proverbs can be interpreted in their most literal and practical sense, the wisdom contained therein is not unlocked by a casual surface reading. The spirit of revelation has breathed upon every verse, embedding a deeper meaning of practical insight to guide our steps into the life God meant for us to live. The wisdom that God has designed for us to receive will cause us to excel—to rise up as rulers-to-be on earth for his glory. The kingdom of God is brought into the earth as we implement the godly wisdom of Proverbs. This 9–day reading plan inspired by The Passion Translation Proverbs: Wisdom from Above, include an introduction to wisdom as revealed in Proverbs 1-9.


We would like to thank Dr. Brian Simmons, The Passion Translation, and BroadStreet Publishing for this plan. For more information, please visit:

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