Proverbs – Sayings Of Solomon

13 Days

Proverbs is the greatest book of wisdom ever written, mostly penned by the wisest man to ever live. God gave his servant Solomon this wisdom to pass along to us, his servants, who continue the ministry of Jesus, the embodiment of wisdom, until he returns in full glory. When Solomon pens a proverb, there is more than meets the eye! Who are these proverbs written to? This compilation of wisdom’s words is written to you! Throughout the book, we find words like “Listen, my sons. Listen, my daughters.” The book of Proverbs is written to us as sons and daughters of the living God. The teaching we receive is not from a distant god who tells us we’d better live right, or else. These are personal words of love and tenderness from our wise Father, the Father of eternity, who speaks right into our hearts with healing, radiant words. Receive deeply the words of the kind Father of heaven as though he were speaking directly to you. This 13–day reading plan, inspired by The Passion Translation Proverbs: Wisdom from Above, includes the sayings of Solomon from Proverbs 10-22.


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