The Tapestry of Christmas: A Woman's Story

The Tapestry of Christmas: A Woman's Story

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Anna: The Thread of Thankfulness to Tie the Knot

We all know the importance fasting and prayer hold in the life of a believer. In addition, we are aware of the discipline it requires of us. 

Anna, the prophetess, lived her life, one of humble submission, patience, and thankfulness in His presence. The Gospel of Luke says, ‘She never left the temple but worshipped night and day, fasting and praying.’ Her life wasn’t the easiest; a young girl married around 14-years-old, widowed seven years later, and then chose to remain single and wait on the Lord. Would she ever have imagined that God would use her to prophesy and evangelize?

Anna waited 84 years, probably just moving in and out of the temple, worshipping and praying. It definitely couldn’t have been easy waiting all those years to see the Messiah. It’s almost a parallel to how Israel waited through 400 years of silence for the Promised One.

While she waited, is it possible she questioned her purpose or doubted her calling as a prophetess?  In fact, it’s very possible.  She was human like you and me, and there are a million times we doubt our calling or minimize our gifting. Thankfully, our hope lies in the same God that did not let Anna down. 

In her ripe old age, she held the promised Lamb of God. All her years of waiting made sense at that moment, that one moment of triumph. She immediately ‘gave thanks to God.’ She also “spoke about the child to all who were looking forward to the redemption of Jerusalem,” making her one of the first evangelists in the world. 

Like Anna, the daughter of Panuel of the tribe of Asher, our final prophecy thread that ties the knot in this Tapestry of Christmas, may we have the courage and boldness to wait on the Lord through what may seem like the most challenging times of our lives. And, when the promise does come, may our immediate response be thankfulness that naturally displays the gospel in full color.


  • What are pieces of Anna’s character you love?   

  • How can you use Anna’s method of evangelism in your own life?


Father, thank you for being with me through it all, the victories, and the waitings. Help me see my life has a divine purpose: to bring You glory.  Help me live a life of complete surrender, radical faith, and thankfulness when your promises are fulfilled.

Featured Author: Lydia Thalla

Hyderabad, India

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