A Journey of Trust: American Underdog

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You Were Made for This Moment

Throughout each day, we have hundreds of interactions that shape our lives. Some are small with minimal impact. Others are large, and they can affect our destiny. This six-day plan will look at how Kurt and Brenda Warner’s story highlights several Biblical faith concepts. “American Underdog” is the story of this famous NFL player. The movie trailer will introduce you to some of these concepts.

This story is of hope, relationships, overcoming obstacles, facing reality, not giving up, and ultimately trusting God. We will discuss these and other themes in this plan. We desire that you will reach the end of this plan with an increased desire to see how you too were “Made for this Moment” — to see how the steps you take today can lay the foundation for something new around the corner. Like Esther from the Old Testament, “For such a time as this.”

Application Questions:

  • Is there a theme or phrase from the trailer you felt connected to?
  • Does the idea of “made for this moment” scare, challenge, or excite you?

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