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New Year New PurposeSample

New Year New Purpose

DAY 1 OF 4

For many people, Jeremiah 29:11 is one of their favorite verses. It’s a verse that reminds us that God’s intentions toward us are good. No matter what challenges we face or what lies ahead, this should encourage us in any situation, and for that reason alone, it is an important word for us to know.

As often with scripture, there are other things we can learn from this verse. One of the most overlooked truths from this verse is that God does indeed have plans. God is purposeful. Don’t think that God only reacts to things and tries to do the best He can with whatever happens. God is intentional. God has specific plans and acts accordingly to those plans. After all, He is sovereign and all-knowing. If God does not approach life randomly, then we shouldn’t either.

The new year offers us a wonderful opportunity to reset, and we should take advantage of that opportunity. As the new year begins, take time to reflect on 2021. Don’t let the past year be wasted, instead learn from all we have experienced. Then, commit to living a purposeful life. Don’t live the entire year without purpose, only reacting to what happens from day to day.

Take time to prayerfully decide on a word or phrase for 2022 as something that will direct your approach to life for the next year. Better yet, begin to ask God what your focus should be in the coming year. Remember, He has plans for you. Finding your purpose is empowering. A purpose is life-giving. God is purposeful, and He has created us for a purpose. Make 2022 a year full with purpose.

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New Year New Purpose

Over four days, we will remind you of God’s desires for you to live a purposeful life. Don’t go into the new year with the mindset and habit of last year, but enter the new year with intentions and a plan.

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