Biblical Success - Running the Race of Life - a Star to Follow

Biblical Success - Running the Race of Life - a Star to Follow

DAY 1 OF 3

Many years ago I attended a seminar taught by the very popular author, Dr. Steven Covey, who wrote one of the most popular professional development books of all time; Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. Little did I know that just one gem that I gleaned from that day would still be impacting my life over 30 years later, in fact to this very day. It is the concept of defining and creating a personal Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Mission Statement, that is clear, concise, memorable, and able to be used as a practical decision-making tool for important life issues. 

I had been advocating and teaching that such a document was super-helpful in creating alignment, consistent decision making, and enhanced accountability in organizations for years. But for some reason had never personalized the practice. 

In retrospect, I can see God’s perfect timing in this event as He knew His plan for me and the changes that would be coming into my life very quickly. Changes that would lead to starting the C12 Group (now C12 Business Forums), which He would grow into a global force for discipling Christian business owners and CEOs. He knew that I would need a personal “true north” as He led me through some desert times and into what has certainly been my sweet spot and His calling in my life.

I’m going to share the basic (SOP) with you as it stands today, not one word changed for 30+years. And then we will move through some detail through the additional articulation of specific roles that have been like a supercharger in the effectiveness of my SOP. My basic SOP is:

“My purpose is: To be used up for God as I completely fulfill His plan for my life, and to honor God through obedience in allowing Him to live His Life through  me as; Husband, Father, Grandfather & Minister  (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria , the ends of the earth)”

That’s it. Simple, clear, and easy to remember. To me, this is almost generic. I sensed that I needed more definition to make it more applicable and God provided it. As we roll in this study I will share how that works. But for today, do you have something like a “north star” for your life? We only have one life to live. Only one chance to get it right. If clarity is so helpful organizationally wouldn’t be reasonable to be even more so personally? Think about it.

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Biblical Success - Running the Race of Life - a Star to Follow

This study will encourage the creation of a Christ-centered personal Mission Statement or Statement of Purpose that can be used as a “North Star” for navigating life. It will discuss having an eternal vision based on God...

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