Becoming An Extraordinary Leader


“Lead With All Your Strength”

As leaders, we provide strength for our teams when we understand the power of vision. Those you lead must know that you deeply believe in where you’re leading them and why. Visionary leadership means keeping hope and possibility in front of yourself and those you lead. It’s recognizing that your job as a leader is chief vision caster every day.

Vision is the foundation for our strength as leaders. In our heart, soul, mind, and strength framework, strength is anchored by visionary leadership. Great visionary leaders inspire strength by keeping hope and possibility in front of themselves and those they lead.

It’s been said that the first task of the leader is to define reality. The second is to map out where you’re going. The strength comes from an assurance of the future.

When we as leaders are following a vision directed by God, Hebrews 6:19 reminds us that we can be secure in God’s promise and that our hope in God’s fulfillment of that promise is “an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Conversely, Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” When vision is lacking and hope is lost, we lose heart. We often talk about the importance of vision casting for leaders, but perhaps we need to reframe it as “hope casting.” Casting a hope-filled vision provides strength for ourselves and those we lead.

Casting vision is not simply about being a cheerleader, however. While there are occasions when that is appropriate or even required, true visionary leadership occurs when a leader inspires others with a plan and also has the track record to follow it through to reality.

Vision without action creates pipe dreams. Visionary leaders are not only dreamers; they are doers too. Visionary leaders repeatedly remind those they lead of where they are going and why and develop the plans for follow-through.

Visionary leaders engage their minds and think strategically about the plans and purposes they feel God is calling them to. They take seriously their responsibility to steward the vision that God has entrusted to them, and they develop ways to bring that vision to reality.

Questions for Reflection:
• How strong do you feel about the vision you’re working toward? Is there anything you need to do to help you own it more?
• What fear, doubt, or worry gets in the way of your vision?