Peace in Christ

Peace in Christ

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The Promise of Peace

Have you heard about conflicts in your church? In the fourth chapter of Philippians, Paul addresses an issue threatening to divide their church – two women were causing dissension. What should we do in that situation? How do we prepare?

First, Paul exhorts us to get into the right mindset and see if we are not the cause of trouble. To be of the same mind as the Lord means to have a selfless, sacrificial attitude that says, “I’m here to serve you.”

Then, he identifies these women. He highlights what they had in common – both were his coworkers to further the gospel, and their names were written in the Book of Life.

Finally, he enlists help from the whole church. Why? Because when we are bound together, we are incredibly strong. To break us, we must be taken apart. But together, nothing can stop us.

Paul gives us six steps to resolve conflict.

Rejoice always in what binds us together! Our names are written in the Book of Life; we are citizens of heaven; we have each other! This is our safeguard not to complain or look at the things that divide us.

Let your gentleness be known – Christ was gentle because He was selfless and didn’t press His moral rights. Even though you may be right, focus on sacrificial servanthood; imitate Christ, who went to the cross for us. When the Lord comes, how do you want to be found—righteous or right?

Don’t worry – What does worry accomplish? Zero.

Thankful prayer – Approach God humbly with gratitude for everything that binds us together.

Present specific requests to God – Ask for peace, an end to the disagreement, unity.

Focus on the good – Meditate on what is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, and admirable in the other. This changes our whole perspective because we see others as God sees them, and the disagreement goes out the window.

The promise is that by doing these things, the God of peace will show up in the situation, surround us, and guard our hearts.

Lord of peace, we ask you to, please, come in our midst and end all conflict in a way that glorifies You and edifies everyone involved. May we see each other as You see us; let us focus on what we share rather than on what takes us apart.

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Peace in Christ

To have the mind of Christ is essential for every believer, for families, for marriages. We need to be focused on what binds us together rather than on what divides us. This is vitally important in the church because it ...

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