The Canvas of Tomorrow

The Canvas of Tomorrow

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Each of us is an artist, and God has put a paintbrush in our hands. Talented artists “see” things others don’t see, and their unique perception enables them to produce extraordinary works. This metaphor isn’t blind idealism. The canvas we paint may be dark or light, clean or smudged, but it’s the canvas God has given us to paint a masterpiece. We may have suffered (and may continue to suffer) abuse or abandonment; we may struggle with addictions, poverty, mental illness, or a pervasive sense of hopelessness. The message of God’s grace and greatness, however, is that God wants to use every victory and defeat, every joy and heartache, for good—if we’ll let Him. We have to see past the darkness and dirt to realize God’s good intentions.

Whether an artist works with metal, clay, wood, paint, or computers, a creative vision is essential. Our lives, families, churches, and communities are the canvases on which we paint. Are we prepared? Will we seize the moment? As a husband, father, and pastor, I had to wrestle with conflicting desires in my heart. In tough times, there was always a crossroad—run from or run toward the fight. Would I believe God and be His trusted partner in the great enterprise of rescuing the world from sin and death? Would I allow God to stretch me, deepen my resolve, and sharpen my skills? Was I willing to rise above criticism, face the obstacles, and push past the fear? Would I complain, or would I seek the heart of God in prayer until I had His confidence and peace? I realized I didn’t need a vision to do what I could already do; I needed a vision to do what I couldn’t do. I desperately needed a vision to rise above mediocrity and timidity,

Let me ask you: What does your tomorrow look like? What canvas has God given you? How big is your vision? Is good enough good enough, or will you trust God for far more?

A dream involves us on an emotional level. Have you ever dreamed of someone chasing you or that you’re falling off a cliff? How did you feel when you woke up just in time? Just before you were caught, just before you hit the ground? Sometimes the feelings are just as powerful as if the dream had happened. The emotion may have lasted for a few minutes or half a day, but before long, it was forgotten. You were back to business as usual. We can also daydream about winning large sums of money, being rich and famous, or having someone love us, but these thoughts can vanish instantly.

A vision, however, is bigger than a wish and more constant than a dream. We could say that if you have a consuming, empowering vision, it has you more than you have it! You know it’s a vision because there’s no price you won’t pay to see it come to pass. You’re willing to sacrifice to achieve it, and you won’t stop until it’s a reality. If you’re not willing to pay the price, it’s still just a wish, or at best, a dream. A vision isn’t just what could be; a God vision is what must be.

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The Canvas of Tomorrow

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