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A Heart of ThanksgivingSample

A Heart of Thanksgiving

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Heart Of Gratitude

Let me start today’s devotion on a sober note. I once met a Christian with no joy or gratitude. Yes, how can it be, you say, that we who have been ‘brought from darkness into light’ (1 Peter 2:9) have failed to give thanks for all that that means? 

But before I go on let me be a bit more sensitive and understanding. It’s true that Christians of all ages and stages face difficulties, some of which are relentless and overwhelming. But the guidance of Scripture and mature believers leads us all into a marvellous place called the ‘heart of gratitude’. 

Today's verse gives the clues when it says, ‘receive Him’, ‘live in Him’, ‘built up in Him’ and ‘strengthened in your faith’. The Christian life grows via a process. Reading the Bible, worshipping, fellowshipping and church attendance are all ways we can be connected intimately and personally with Jesus Christ Himself. If you draw near to Him, He will reciprocate. 

For me personally, thanksgiving is such joyful, integral part of my daily life. I am so convinced of His goodness and Lordship that I cannot but be grateful. I think I startled the oncology day therapy nurse last year when she asked how I was and I replied, ‘Kate, I’m so excited, I haven’t done chemotherapy before.’ That example may be a bit radical but I truly approach every day grateful for all that Christ has done and is doing for me. Why not try this radical way of giving thanks for all things.

Written by JOHN SCOTT

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A Heart of Thanksgiving

This year has again been challenging. Not only for the world but I think most people would say that they have certainly faced extra challenges this year. As we head into this holiday season, this season of celebration an...


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