Distorted Reflections

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I Wish I Was.....

Depending on your geographical location, there are different standards of beauty that constantly being imposed in our lives daily. Sometimes it feels impossible to avoid playing the comparison game. We may begin to think about how our lives may be different is we were a little bit smaller, bigger, had longer hair, had shorter hair, fuller lips, larger breast, or a rounder butt. Society can make it hard to be content with who you are especially when there is so many outside voices that say that you’re not good enough. Technology has created a worldwide stage for us to be open to the validation or disapproval of millions of people. Our worth has now become tied to the amount of likes that we receive from people we don’t even know. Our outside aesthetics are being showcased with little to know care for the character or integrity that lies within. We are chasing after an image to impress the next person reaching for the same image.

If I’m honest, I have found myself at times weighing myself on the balance of public opinion. Features that I once thought were great now were under scrutiny because the goal post had been move yet again. I have been guilty of comparing my raw self with the filtered expectations that the world has set. I watched my daughter struggle through adolescents, picking a part the smallest details of herself and it would break my heart that she couldn’t see the beauty I saw. Imagine how it must break God’s heart to see his children be crushed with the weight of not feeling good enough. The master artist created masterpieces that are unable to see themselves as such. It is impossible to truly love Him if we despise ourselves because we are made in His image. When He looks at us, He sees flawlessness. 

The world’s measuring stick is always moving and what is considered beauty today can be undesirable in the matter of months. We are all born with a distinct identity, and we were fearfully and wonderfully made. The world doesn’t set the standard, the God who created that world does.