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Hearts Adorned With WonderSample

Hearts Adorned With Wonder

DAY 2 OF 3

Have you ever noticed how it's the quiet moments, when we stop and pause to reflect, that can be the most meaningful, the most holy?

In his account of Jesus' birth, Luke notes that Mary “treasured up” everything about that first Christmas and pondered it all in her heart. What the angel said. What the Wise Men did. How the shepherds came in their stunned state of worship after seeing the host of angels.

Mary’s first Christmas must have been a busy couple of days! And she must have had so many questions about the future, including, How do I raise the Son of God?

But Luke doesn't tell us that she was worried about what was to come; she meditated on the mystery and the goodness of God in the midst of her busy, dramatic and unusual circumstances.

Here's today's wonder challenge.

Set aside 15 minutes to put your phone and every other distraction aside, then go and sit near your Christmas tree. (If you don't have a tree, find a string of lights or a few candles as a substitute).

Though our circumstances are different than Mary's, it's easy to miss the miracle of Christmas in all the shopping, events, time with friends, even the activities at church.

Put on some favorite Christmas music or a worship playlist. Get a mug of your warm beverage of choice: tea, hot chocolate, coffee. Put your feet up and absorb the warmth of the cup against your body as you squint at the Christmas tree lights.

As you look at the tree with all the colourful things it's decorated with, take a few moments to appreciate the nice ornaments and remember their special meaning or memories. Then, take time to remember that in a different way, God placed what was most precious to Him on a tree too. Love for all to see in the life and gift of Jesus.

If you don't make time to intentionally think about the incredible gift of His Son, then in a blink, the season will be over and you might miss the opportunity.

That’s why taking 15 minutes to put your feet up and squint at the tree lights is important today.

As you appreciate the Christmas tree in your home, remember the tree where Christ won your greatest victory. Take a deep breath and ponder the goodness of God in your life and adorn your heart in wonder.


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