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Raising Uncommon KidsSample

Raising Uncommon Kids

DAY 1 OF 12

Lesson Title: Above All Else…
Character Focus: Love
Prayer Focus: God
Focus Verse: COL.3.14A

While “Raising Uncommon Kids” is all about raising selfless kids in a self-centered world, compassion is in fact the last characteristic we will discuss in this plan.

The first and most foundational characteristic is love. Before parents can demonstrate love to their children, we must first learn how to love the One who loves His children the most and in return learn how to demonstrate love to Him. There are no requirements for how and/or when we approach God; the important thing is to do it, and do it regularly.

The key to raising uncommon kids is a truth most parents don’t want to hear: it starts with you. A child’s behavior may not always be a direct representation of their parent’s influence, but a parent’s influence should have a direct impact on the behavior of their child. 

Remember, your influence will change your kids far more than your instruction. Though this may seem daunting initially, you should instead see it as an immediate and effective way to start influencing the legacy you will leave with your children.

Thought to Ponder: Before we can raise uncommon kids, we have to be uncommon ourselves.

Make it Practical: 
Once we as parents truly embrace the love of our heavenly Father, we must exhibit that love daily and put it into practice. Only then will our children understand what it means to love with an everlasting love and be able to walk away from the common path and instead run toward the uncommon. One way to do this is to teach your kids to offer their time. While kids may not have a lot of money to give, they most certainly have time and talents that you as their parent, caregiver or pastor can help them cultivate.

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Raising Uncommon Kids

The single greatest lesson parents teach their kids isn’t anything they say–it’s what they do. In this 12-day devotional plan, parents will find practical advice they can implement immediately to create a home and family...


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