How To Share Your Faith

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Self-Centered or Christ-Centered?

Are you living your life for yourself, or are you living your life to please God?

Seriously, answer that question, and be honest.

Maybe this can help you figure it out. Self-centered people want the attention on them. They care more about themselves than others. They go after what makes them happy.

Christ-centered people want God to get the glory and attention. They care more about helping others than themselves. They want to do things they know will make God happy.

Self-centered people don’t share. So, to share your faith well, you need to become Christ-centered.

This is where you need to start. Ask yourself, “Am I self-centered or Christ-centered?”

If you’re self-centered, are you willing to change that up and become Christ-centered? Answer out loud right now. Yes or no? Say it.

Okay. The rest of this Bible Plan is for those who say, “Yes, I want to be Christ-centered.”

Now we can start to look at what it takes to share your faith.