Holiday Rhythms


Take a Rest

The holiday season brings a change of pace for all of us. For some, life gets crazier, and for others, time seems to slow down. Whether you find yourself busy or bored this month, we want to challenge you with this question: Is there room in your rhythm for God to move? 

Most of us want God to move in our lives. We want Him to do something new in us and through us, but sometimes marching to the beat of an old rhythm can keep us from experiencing new revelations. 

Christmas break can be the perfect time to hit pause on your normal rhythm. We often pride ourselves on being busy and having plans, but don’t underestimate the power in a pause. 

God paused on the seventh day. Jesus took time to sit. So why shouldn’t we pause too? 

There’s a term for this in the Bible called “Sabbath,” and it means “time of rest.” And get this — it’s not a suggestion. It’s a command! When we think of the Ten Commandments, most of us only think of the obvious ones... don’t kill, don’t steal, and don’t lie. But in Exodus 20:8-11, God made it clear — our rhythms require rest.

When God spoke the world into existence, every single day of creation had a rhythm to it, but on the seventh day, God changed the beat when He dropped in a rest. And He blessed the rest. 

Could it be that God wants to bless you as you celebrate Christmas and step into a new year, but first He wants you to rest? Maybe you need to stop striving — for perfect grades, for more followers, for more stuff — and slow down long enough for your spirit to remember God’s got it all under control. 

When an angel of the Lord told Joseph that he would become the earthly father to a Heavenly King, it happened in a dream — while Joseph was resting. The shepherds heard the good news of Jesus’ birth in the quiet of the night while they were watching over their flocks. 

What might God say to you if you slowed down long enough to listen? Don’t move so fast through this season that you miss God moving. Take a rest. 

How can you incorporate real rest into your holiday rhythm? We’re not talking about binge-watching Netflix, but something that actually refreshes and energizes you! Start small. Maybe it’s not a full day of rest, but a pocket of rest before bed when you swap a show for a journal and a YouVersion plan like this one!