Ungodly Family Ties


Day 1:  Christ-like Characteristics

Not only did Jesus, the son of God, suffer for the sake of all mankind, undergo crucifixion, and die, but He also left us with detailed instructions. This world is full of chaos. Jesus gave us rules, standards, and guidelines on how to live and love. He instructed us that love is the greatest commandment of all. If we believe this, Christ-like characteristics should be throughout every relationship with our family members. Having these characteristics help us to have better and more healthy relationships with our family.

Unfortunately, this is not true in the majority of families. Granted, we are not perfect – only God is. Therefore, we must strive daily, and from moment to moment, to clothe ourselves in love and compassion, especially when relating to our family.

Reflect on the following bible verses to further understand which Christ-like characteristics are important for us to have with our family...