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Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Ancora Kids Find A RomanSample

Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Ancora Kids Find A Roman

DAY 1 OF 3


Jesus did lots of amazing things while he was on earth. We’re going to find out about one of them in this Ancora Kids Bible reading plan.

But there’s something unusual this time. It starts with an officer in the Roman army, stationed in Capernaum. He’s worried because his servant is sick. Indeed, he is so ill, he’s about to die.

News of Jesus has spread through the town. The Roman officer cares about his servant and believes that Jesus has the power to make him well. He asks his Jewish friends to go to Jesus and ask for help – and that’s unusual, too, because Romans and Jews did not normally mix.

The Roman officer is asking Jesus to do something impossible: a “miracle.” What do you think will happen? See if you are right, in the next day of “Ancora Kids Find a Roman.”

Pray: “Lord God, please remind me to ask you for help for myself and for others.”

Ancora Kids! Live the incredible adventures of the Bible with the Quest “Jesus and the Roman Officer” in the interactive Bible app Guardians of Ancora. Download for free, from your usual app store.


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