Strategic Thinking: Blueprints for Life, Work, and Ministry


God The Strategic Thinker 

God lives and works strategically; the closer we are to Him and how He thinks, the more strategic and focused we become. God thinks from the end to the beginning and from the macro to the micro.

Genesis 1:26-28 explains that God designed us to reflect and emulate the way He thinks so we could rule over the earth. We were created to think the way our heavenly Father thinks, and our heavenly Father is a strategic thinker, par excellence. No one thinks as strategically as He does! 

Someone once asked me, “If God loves me so much, why didn’t He take me home to be with Him when I got saved?” Good question. Why doesn’t God save us all a lot of trouble and take us directly to the sky when we accept salvation? The reason is simple: The earth is our training ground, not only to walk out the implications of the covenant but to grow in relationship and maturity as we learn to be good stewards and managers of His resources. He is after men and women who desire to think the way He thinks, act the way He acts, and are capable of stewarding His creation as co-rulers with Christ.

This concept is novel to many believers. They have always thought the purpose of their salvation was to become holy, go to heaven, and sing in the heavenly choir. All these things have a place, but that is not the reason He saved us. The reason is that Father is building a family business. He wants us to take our place as managers in the family business, fulfilling His plan of using believers to bring life on Earth under His order. 

Thought of the Day: The closer we get to God and how He thinks, the more strategic and focused we become.