Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Ancora Kids Run The Race

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What’s your favourite sport? What do you like to play? Who do you need to rely on as you play? Your coach? Your team? Your supporters? God asks us to rely on him!

Athletes look at the finish line. They concentrate on what is before them. They don’t swerve – they keep running forward. God wants us to be like those runners. He wants us to continually focus on him, fix our eyes straight ahead and run the race he has set for us.

How do we run to win?

By listening to God, praying, reading the Bible and avoiding things that God tells us are wrong.

God doesn’t leave us to work it all out by ourselves: he gives us rules to live by, just as your favourite sport has rules. Playing by the rules is important and those who disobey get told off – or even sent off. In the same way, God reprimands and disciplines people who do not keep his rules – but he does this because his teachings mean true life and good health for those who follow him.

Pray: Ask God to help you focus on him today.

Ancora Kids! Run, jump, climb, leap, slide, spring and bounce the race as you play the Bible Quests in the free Bible app Guardians of Ancora.