Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Ancora Kids Join The Shepherds

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Long, long ago God promised to send a baby who would grow to be a very special man.

Read Micah chapter 5, verse 2 to find out where. God’s plan was in place!

Long ago, there was an important announcement in Nazareth. The Roman emperor commanded everyone to go back to the place where they were born and register their names so the Romans could make them pay taxes.

Joseph had to go all the way to Bethlehem, even though Mary’s baby was soon due to be born. Can you see how God was working out his plan for Jesus to be born in Bethlehem?

After their long journey, Joseph and Mary climbed the hill into Bethlehem. But many others were there already. The only place to sleep was in the part of a house where the animals would usually be kept overnight. That’s where Mary had her baby. The special baby. Born in Bethlehem, just as God had planned.


All glory be to God!

All glory be to God!

Praise him! Praise him!

God’s own dear Son is born.

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