Walk Through The Bible 365 - August

Pay Attention - God Is Speaking

We all must have experienced situations when we are in conversation with someone else, that we notice the other person’s attention has wondered, the person is not fully attentive to what is being said. And perhaps we ourselves have also sometimes not been attentive and listened fully to someone else while that person was speaking. What about when God speaks? Are we attentive? Do we listen, understand and then apply what he teaches us? If we do not pay attention to his words and his speaking, we can easily drift away and walk in pathways that are not pleasing to him.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you that you speak to us, through your word and by your Holy Spirit. Let us have listening ears and always pay attention when you speak to us. Let us not drift away in what we do but follow your directions and guidance so that we live in all the goodness of the salvation you have blessed us with. In Jesus' Name, Amen.