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Accountability is something that we inherently do not relish as humans. I meet a lot of youngsters as part of sessions on career counseling and guidance. We discuss questions about what they would like to do in life. Many young people tell me they like to start up businesses of their own. When I ask them why, they tell me it’s because they would like to be their own boss. It seems to be part of human nature to dislike being answerable to someone.

In order to be able to be accountable to God, the first prerequisite is to accept the Lordship of Jesus in our life. I once heard a minister of God tell me that there are three kinds of families who take him into their homes when he travels. One kind gives him a room and tells him to make himself comfortable. Another gives him use of the common areas and facilities. Yet another kind of family tells him the whole house is his to use and feel comfortable in. That is the kind of unlimited access we need to give Jesus in our lives for us to be accountable.

What are we accountable for? The Bible says that we are accountable to God for every word we speak (Matt 12:36). As Christian managers, in our place of work, we are accountable for the people the Lord has placed under our authority. We as parents and husbands/wives are accountable for our families before God. We are accountable for the people whom we interact with, in our everyday life, that they may see the Love of Jesus in us.

In our walk with God, we must realize that no part of our life is hidden before our God. He sees it all as it is. Many times we fail to realize this. We try and account for the portions of our life we are comfortable with accounting, but fail to account for the portions we are not. When we gradually bring more and more areas of our lives under Christ’s control, our accountability gets better and easier.

Thought for the day: Our submission to God’s authority is key to our Freedom in Christ and what we can accomplish for Him.

Pray: Lord Jesus, I submit my life into your hands. Be the Lord of my life, every part of it. Let me realize my responsibility as your child in this world, to reflect your glory. Amen.