Using Our Money God's Way

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Everything we have is not really ours. Our toys, clothes, food, money — it all belongs to God. God commands us to give Him the first tenth of our money (called a tithe) by bringing our tithe to the church. So, if you made $10 raking leaves for your neighbor, you would tithe $1 to God.

2 Corinthians 9:6-7 helps us understand God doesn’t really want our money; He wants our hearts. When we are cheerful and generous with our money, we show God we love and trust Him. But being a cheerful giver doesn’t mean we are just generous with our money; we can be generous with our time and our possessions, too. After we tithe, God wants us to help those who have needs greater than our own. 

We honor God when we follow His commands and give cheerfully!

Family Discussion Questions: What is a tithe? How can you be generous with what God has given you? What is one thing we can do this week to help someone in need? 

Pray: God, thank You for giving us everything we have. Help us to be cheerful givers and to look for ways we can bless those around us.