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Stand Strong

DAY 1 OF 7

Strong Families

Henry Drummond stated, “The family circle is the supreme conductor of Christianity.”

So true.

And boy, do families need to get back to producing stronger families. There is nothing more amazing and powerful than families sharing and spreading their faith. That’s what makes a country great.

But now take a look at families today.

Families are broken. Broken down and biblically illiterate.

Divorce is the norm, and family values have been lost. There needs to be a move of God to rebuild marriages and families. And not just any kind of family. We are talking about the biblical model of marriage and family. What we need is strong families with a father and a mother. We need to get back to the model God created.

Families that rely powerfully on God and seek to do His will, will be blessed in all that they do. A united marriage that stays together will be united with the purpose to produce a strong family. And if we don’t return to this way of life, then the continual breakdown of the family will eventually lead to the destruction of our nation. It’s not money, jobs or government that prospers a nation. It's families transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ and devoted to the cause that prospers a nation.

Can you imagine what will become of our society…our nation…if future generations cease to produce biblical families?

Well, the truth is, if you want to see families restored, then it MUST start with you. Don’t wait for your pastor or church to do something. Don’t just sit around and complain about the problems prevalent in our society.

Do something about it. Be that person—be that godly couple—willing to step up and step out to help those who are in need. There are so many single homes who need godly couples to come alongside them. To comfort them. To give them advice. To take on some of the challenges they face alone.

You see, we have overlooked the greatest mission field.

And that is family.

We need to be reminded that family is the first and most meaningful institution created by God.

But don’t start and stop with yourself.

Start praying for more mentor couples to take more families under their wings.

Start praying for more churches to renew their commitment to disciple more families in the Word of God.

Just think, if we reset our lives to the strengthening of families, in just a few short years we will see a harvest of strong families living out their faith for Christ.

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