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Chosen: Becoming the Person You Were Meant to BeSample

Chosen: Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be

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As a twenty-year-old, I realized I needed to fix my thought life, so I sought God and counseling. There are a lot of people that need to address their mental health issues but haven’t done so because of the stigma concerning it. There is nothing wrong with seeking godly counsel. In fact, it’s one of the directions in your life manual, the Word of God, that has been repeated several times. That means God is serious about making sure you understand the importance of seeking godly counsel.

There is safety in having the proper counseling. The Word of God says it can keep you from falling. Your thoughts lead to your actions, and your actions lead you to good or bad decisions, success, or suffering. It is imperative that your thought life be in harmony with the Word of God. You were chosen to do a good work and the blueprint is already complete. You have a manual and handbook that is accessible to you twenty-four hours a day. Once you take on the mind of Christ, there is nothing that will be impossible for you

You have the strength to win the battle between the ungodly fantasies and the sacred thoughts that fight for your mind’s attention. The war for your thoughts is a reality. Winning in this area is crucial to living a victorious life. You must take your thoughts captive and make them obedient to God.

However, the roots of our thoughts come from the desires of our hearts. So, to fix our thought life and renew our minds, we must address our heart life. The condition of our hearts—our feelings and instincts—directly impacts the nature of our thoughts. If we are dominated by a sinful nature, our thoughts will destroy us. Conversely, if we are controlled by the Holy Spirit, our thoughts will bring peace, joy, and life to us as well as to those who are connected to us. 

Our thoughts are powerful, and the things we meditate on can affect our lives in a significant and sometimes detrimental way. They have the ability to bring forth feelings of anxiety, pain, and stress. With that being said, they also are quite capable of helping us feel good, comfortable, and peaceful.

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Chosen: Becoming the Person You Were Meant to Be

In this plan, Robert Watkins will unpack the key biblical principles contained in his book, Chosen. Through a better understanding of the biblical strategies discussed, men and women can better embrace their God-given id...


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