Start Living

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For you to start living can be by accepting JESUS as your LORD and SAVIOR, if you never accepted Him.

To someone else, it may be that they've come back to the Father’s house after being away or they've renewed the relationship with CHRIST after neglect. 

Yet for others, it may be to really begin living while enjoying the great privilege of being able to be a New Creature, of being beloved, chosen, and a separated son or daughter. 

Whatever your condition is, you made the right choice to be here. Our FATHER is not far away and He is incapable of hearing us. HE is always available to hear us and there is nothing that can separate us from his love. The FATHER cares for and his arms are wide open to receive us.    


"Neither do I condemn thee. Go and sin no more" (John 8:11). 

These are God´s words to you.

Guilt prevents us from progressing to the extraordinary that GOD has for us. JESUS paid the price for all your sins. Condemnation by the law was redeemed by the immaculate LAMB. Start to substitute the image of yours as the guilty, incapable, and undeserving with the image of CHRIST on the cross which, from that moment, was created for you as the possibility to have a new life. You just need to accept and start living.     

The Son of Man gave us freedom and we are free indeed, no longer slaves of sin. 

You are not justified by the human regulations but by faith in GOD. 

You are not worthy by your own deeds, it is the fruit of grace. 

The FATHER loves you so much that HE chose you, HE cares about you as you are, and how you find yourself, regardless of wherever you come from or wherever you are now. This love is so great that it doesn´t end there. HE will do something new in your life, restore your story, rebuild your life and redeem all that was lost in sin.       

GOD became a man and came to earth to give us life and life in abundance. Remember this and choose every day to live in abundance. Give all your pain, deception, sadness, worries, anxiety, and all other things hindering you to live in abundance with JESUS. HE will give you peace, comfort, and tranquility.

You are a new Creature in Christ JESUS. There is hope, a bright future, and prosperous plans for your life.


–Thank you Lord JESUS for the new life you offer even if I do not deserve it. Thank you for the price you paid for my sins and for giving me access to freedom. I am no longer a slave to sin.