How Should a Christian Date? A 5-Day Devotional by Eric Demeter

How Should a Christian Date?  A 5-Day Devotional by Eric Demeter

DAY 1 OF 5

Day 1: Is Marriage Superior to Singleness?

When I was younger, I always thought people who weren’t married by age thirty lingered alone because they were socially diseased, like relationship lepers. Then I became one. As the years passed, only new roommates moved in—never a wife. Confused outsiders began giving me that incredulous, tilted head and raised-eyebrow look, implying, What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you married? 

I’ve realized is that whatever route you take in life, if you’re not content as an unmarried person, then marriage won’t fulfill you. Marriage isn’t superior to singleness. Thou shalt marry” is not the eleventh commandment. God does not require you to find a spouse, and no one needs a husband or wife to have a fulfilling life. According to Jesus, you’ll spend eternity with God not being married, as marriage won’t exist in heaven—how’s that for perspective? If you marry, your spouse will be just one of the many blessings you’ll receive in the short time you have on earth.

Both singleness and marriage have unique benefits. But if your identity, happiness, well-being, and ultimate hope is rooted in marriage and not in God, you’ll have a tough life. God is most interested in you knowing Him, being loved by Him, and loving others regardless of your relationship status on social media. Marriage is a big deal, but compared to eternity, it’s a mist. Finding a spouse or staying unmarried is a “win-win.” Either way is a vanishing vapor compared

to the kind of life we’ll have with Christ in eternity. So go ye therefore into the world and know that there’s no battle between getting married or staying single, and you’re just as complete, capable, and competent as your betrothed counterparts. 


What are some unique blessings about being single and being married?


Father, today I give you my relationship status as an offering to You. I repent if I’ve ever made marriage an idol or believed that anyone other than You could fulfill my deepest needs. Help me be content with where you have me today. Help me to walk through the right relationship door and find a spouse in Your timing.

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How Should a Christian Date?  A 5-Day Devotional by Eric Demeter

Christian subculture is notorious for telling you there’s one God-approved way to date. But that isn’t true. Our culture invented dating, not God. But God doesn’t leave us in limbo when it comes to relationships. God’s W...

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