Practicing the Example of Christ

Practicing the Example of Christ

DAY 3 OF 3

Work Out, Hold Out, Pour Out

Like most of us, you probably have a hard time with Paul when he uses Jesus as the standard for conduct worthy of the gospel. Our immediate thought is that there is no way we could ever measure up to the perfect, sinless Son of God. But Paul gets it, which is why he unfolds examples that tell of the incredible benefits of a life in Christ and show us that we can indeed live a life of worthy conduct.

The first example Paul gives to the church is to work out their salvation. He is not saying to work for your salvation but work out your salvation. There is a vast difference. If you have trusted in Christ, you are saved, therefore, to work out that salvation means, show its effects in your life. What we do here on earth matters; it matters for eternity. Work out the salvation you have so that you are working on things that will count for eternity. We do this not because we are afraid of God, but to stand in awe and respect that it is Him who is working in us. How are you living out your salvation?

Next, Paul says to hold out this life in Christ so that others will see it. You hold out this life as a light, shining in the midst of a dark world. We hold out a light and the Word of life so that people see and know Christ through us. What are you showing in your life that shows who God is?

Finally, after Paul tells us to work out and hold out, he says to pour out our lives. Our bodies are a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1) and this pouring out is an act of worship to the Lord. We rejoice when we see people’s lives change because of the pouring out we do for them—though it is actually Christ in you, pouring into them. Ask yourself, who am I pouring into?

Jesus is the Servant Savior. Although we can never match up to Him, He is our greatest Example. Paul, likewise, is an example of a sacrificial servant who worked, held, and poured out His life for the gospel. 

How are you living out your life? We are children of God, capable of living out this life with conduct worthy of the gospel. 

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Practicing the Example of Christ

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