Biblical Success - A Few Laps in Romans 6,7,8

Day 1 of 6 • This day’s reading


Chapters 6,7,8 of Romans are so rich in content that we will read each chapter through, one each day, for 6 days. Try to read each chapter slowly allowing the Holy Spirit to draw you into the deep meaning of the passages. Over the next six days we will traverse through our new birth and the significance of our baptism, the struggle that even the Apostle Paul had with his walk as a Christ-follower, and finally share the exultant cry of the victory we share in Christ living in and through us, and the assurance of our destiny.  Well be reminded of the unbreakable bond that we have with our Father in Christ. For today here are some suggested points of focus for thought, meditation and prayer from chapter 6.

Think through verses 3-9. How is it possible that we were "united together"with Him? (I Corinthians 6:17)

How do we "reckon" ourselves to be something?" 

Focus on the significance of verse 14. What does it mean that sin has no "dominion" over us?

What does it mean to "present" yourself? How does it apply to us in our everyday lives in this chapter?