Becoming a Next-Level Believer


Next-Level Lamp Holders

Wherever darkness attempts to establish itself, the Church is authorized to unseat the darkness, replacing it with the light of God’s Kingdom. Because God is Light, by extension we as believers are also light. This is a picture of our influence—our capacity to be a compelling force for God on the earth and bring His light.

Wherever darkness exists, light has the capacity to overcome it. The transformation from darkness to light is immediate; there is no negotiation. You and I are lamp holders called to display the light of God through our lives. We are not the source of the light, of course. The Holy Spirit is the source. The only way darkness prevails over light is when a malfunction occurs between the lamp holder and the light bulb. Lack of submission to the will of God creates a malfunction that obscures the light from being revealed through us. But when we submit our lives to God, His light radiates through us, changing the darkness in us and around us.

Current culture demonstrates an increasing intolerance toward the Church and the Kingdom message we carry. Courageous believers committed to declaring a balanced Kingdom message of repentance are labeled as intolerant, homophobic, xenophobic or any one of the convenient terms created for the sole purpose of silencing the Church’s voice. In the face of this, we must gain greater understanding of our God-given authority and our supernatural capacity to accomplish His agenda.

Global upheavals, the pandemic crisis, economic instability and social unrest have signaled the moment in time that the children of God must arise. We must arise now and allow the Holy Spirit to clothe us in a new war mantle for this season. From generation to generation the earth has groaned, calling for the manifestation of God’s sons and daughters for that time. Can you hear it? You are being summoned to the battle for the soul of nations. Will you move beyond your last level of revelation and shift into the next level as a believer, advancing forward?

Next-level believers are called to release a clear and distinct Kingdom message from generation to generation. Our message is not popular, but it is necessary. We are God’s delivery system, His voice. Without the message we carry, the world will remain in darkness. Yet you and I have been anointed and appointed to bring God’s light in our generation.