God’s Got This: Extra-Special Parenting

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"You Are Not Alone"
As any special parent knows, finding out that your child has any level of special needs can throw you for a loop. Some of us came into this journey expecting it on some level given genetics. Others of us chose this path through adoption, knowing we were called to parent a child that others labeled unadoptable. Some of us found out in utero that things were different than expected, while others were surprised at the birth of their child. No matter how you ended up here, you are not alone.

But some days it can really feel like you are alone. At times you may feel the burden of teaching and reteaching the same skills and concepts for days on end. Sometimes you may feel frustrated at the myriad of therapy, bureaucracy, lingo, and paperwork it takes just to make a small step forward. There may be many times that you want to cry because all the effort and work seems to be gleaning you a very small, somewhat negligible harvest.

And sometimes, if you are like me, you may truly question if God made the right choice in gifting you with a child that is extra special. The enemy will lie to you by saying you are not equipped or able. Your enemy will say that you are not enough. Or worse, that you are doing more harm than good. STOP RIGHT THERE!

God does not make mistakes. God is equipped. God is very able. And God IS enough. So even in those moments when you feel so flat-out exhausted that you believe you cannot take one more step forward, lean in to the One who can. The One who can hold you when you are weary does not tire. Hold tight to the One who was there when your child was knit together in secret places. Hold tight to the One who loves you all dearly.

Parenting is a long, long road. Special needs parenting can truly feel like an even longer road at times. So hold tight to truth. Hold tightly to your child. And know your Father in heaven is holding each of you right now.