3-Minute Devotions to Laugh and Reflect

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Imagine receiving a new cookbook, flipping through it, and then choosing one ingredient from the appetizer section, one from salads, one from desserts, and so forth, to combine as you prepare a meal. Selecting your ingredients in this way will likely result in a meal resembling chocolate asparagus tuna burritos.

While it’s a ridiculous idea, many of us read the Bible with that kind of random approach. It’s natural to have our favorite passages. Many people are fond of the honest and descriptive poetry of the Psalms. Some focus on the teachings and parables of Jesus. Some like the Old Testament action stories. Others are intrigued by the apostle Paul’s doctrinal truths and logic. And some people repeatedly return to Revelation to generate spirited discussions as they speculate about end times.

We must remember, however, that the Bible is a unified story. All that diversity of style and content is part of the same story. It’s fine to read the sections we know and love, yet we must also fill in the blanks to discover the full truth revealed in Scripture. Those infrequently read portions might cast fresh light on your favorite passages. And you’ll discover that when all the ingredients blend in proper proportions, the result will be delicious.