When Life Is Disrupted

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When Life Is Disrupted, Submit To God

Our lives have been disrupted since last year. Several thousand people have lost their lives due to COVID-19. Many people lost their jobs and businesses. Our lives were disrupted. As a result, many people found it difficult to pay rent for their houses and to even purchase groceries. Some went through severe depression during the lockdown. Our lives were disrupted. Some of us contracted this virus and our lives were disrupted for at least two weeks. We couldn’t even go to a store. We couldn’t meet people. We couldn’t go near our family or hug them. We couldn’t come to church. We couldn’t go to work. Life came to a standstill. Our lives were disrupted. During the first Christmas, there was a couple whose lives were severely disrupted. Let’s see how they responded to disruptions.

Let me begin with the story of Mary. Mary was a young virgin from Nazareth located in Galilee. Like any other young girl in Israel, she planned to marry, settle down, and have a happy life. She was already engaged to a man named Joseph. She was looking forward to her wedding. Both Joseph and Mary were probably counting the days for their big day. But one day, her life was disrupted.

The angel Gabriel visits her and gives a startling announcement (Lk. 1:30-33). Mary would have the privilege of giving birth to “the Son of the Most High.” His name would be Jesus as he would save his people from their sins (cf. Mt. 1:21). Mary would give birth to the Messiah and he would be given the throne of his father David (v. 32). The Jews were waiting for the Messiah for centuries (Lk. 1:32b-33). And now Mary had the great privilege to give birth to the Messiah.

Mary’s response was simply amazing. She didn’t doubt the angel’s word or argue with him. She simply submitted to the word from the Lord (v. 38). Mary made herself available to God despite the insults and hardships she would face. She didn’t reason as to how she would explain her miraculous pregnancy to her family, her neighbors, and the man to whom she was betrothed. Eventually, her submission brought salvation to the whole world. 

Sometimes, even our plans are disrupted. We make a lot of plans, but God often interrupts our plans. Proverbs 19:21 says, “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” The Lord shatters some of our dreams as he has better plans for us. Even when our lives are disrupted, we must submit to the Lord. Some rebel against God and get angry with him. That kind of attitude will make matters worse. 

When our plans fail, we must learn to submit to the Lord. Then, he will make something beautiful out of our lives. Today, if you are at the crossroad of your life and fail to understand what’s happening, just submit to God. Don’t expect God to reveal the complete picture. Mary didn’t expect that. Willingly submit to the Lord.