Be Productive Like Jesus

Be Productive Like Jesus

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Throughout Christ’s life he communicates an intimacy with his Father that we can all learn from. As Jesus is coming to the end of his earthly life, he spends hours in a garden speaking with God. As he begins his earthly ministry, he is tempted by Satan, but spends 40 days fasting beforehand. For Jesus, the best thing he could do was turn to God. The most important decisions and moments in his life that lay before him required him to take time with his Father first. If we want to make decisions or be more productive, time with the Father is essential.

Perhaps this can be the most important takeaway we can receive from Christ as we look at how productive he was. He and the Father are one. He is our good Shepherd. The intimacy he has with the Father he offers us as well. How Jesus often removed himself to a quiet place to pray should encourage us to do the same. Our lives can feel so busy and overwhelming sometimes, and Jesus offers us a way to fill them with peace. When we make time for Jesus and prioritize our relationship with him, we will experience more productivity, less stress, and more peace. If we want to become more productive people and have time for what matters most, we have to prioritize The One who matters most.

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Be Productive Like Jesus

When we think of productivity, we may look to entrepreneurs, CEOs, and productivity authors. How often, however, does Jesus come to mind? He traveled vast areas, reached an immeasurable number of people, and even today i...

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