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Morning In The Lord's World

If you’re reading this, it’s probably right to presume you’re currently at some stage of a day that began with a morning. Every day the sun rises, and countries, cities, towns, and people all wake up and begin to live.

Yet, this basic rhythm of life is no accident - it was brought about very deliberately and very precisely by the LORD. In fact, “let there be light” is the first spoken creating Word of the LORD we read in the Bible. He spoke, and ever since then, our world has existed in the universe with a rhythm of night to day, darkness to light. Isn’t it remarkable that every single day - every single morning - we experience something God instituted before He did anything else?

Yet, night to day has a deeper dimension than being a mere mechanism of the material world. When God saw the light He had made, He saw that it was “Good”. In God’s own words, there’s something fundamentally Good about the way light reappears reliably, dependably, and powerfully every day. Each morning (every time the sun rises and darkness dissipates) is an expression of Goodness. Don’t we know that intrinsically? Can’t we all relate to having nights when we’re scared, anxious, disturbed... and then when morning comes we sense the Goodness of a new day, of new light?

Later in the Bible, John’s Gospel begins with a summarized restating of the Creation process, and he expands on this light and dark motif. John is using light and dark to describe Creation and Redemption as part of the same ultimate story. Redemption - good triumphing over evil - is described as being as much a part of God’s plan ‘in the beginning’ as Creation was. John begins His account of Jesus by asserting that as sure as God created, so He will redeem.

This ultimate story of reality is LIFE will replace death through Christ, and every single morning the LORD paints a literal picture of that as the sun rises.

Take a moment to consider: As sure as the sun rose this morning, so LIFE will take the place of death and redeem the whole universe. Why not thank the LORD for this beautiful daily reminder?