The Sign Of The Cross

Love in Action

When we pray the Sign of the Cross, we use our lips to speak, our body in movement and our mind focuses on the Lord. In daily life we use our bodies to communicate so naturally that we are often not aware that we are doing it. We also use our bodies in prayer when we kneel or stand, when we hold our hands together or raise them up high. These motions aid our prayer, they enable our whole being; body, heart and mind to pray as one. The Sign of the Cross helps us to pray; in making the gesture with our hand, we focus on the words that we pray and connect with the Spirit of God praying with and through us.

Drawing a line with our hand from head to heart and from shoulder to shoulder whilst saying “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen,” reminds us of the nature of God as Trinity and the saving act of Jesus on the cross. Using our bodies to pray is common in most faiths including the Jewish recitation of the Shema which involves covering your eyes whilst saying the first line.

The words of the Sign of the Cross remind us that God is, by his very nature, a God of relationship. God is Trinity, three persons in one. He is the Father, the creator of all. He is the Son, our saviour and our brother. He is the Holy Spirit, our advocate and guide. When we pray the Sign of the Cross, we acknowledge the mystery of God and confirm our faith. We rightly place ourselves into this loving relationship, accepting the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our scripture verses today simply remind us of the early church proclaiming that God is Trinity.


Loving God, Father, Son and Spirit,
your nature is a mystery into which you invite me to enter.
You are, by your very nature, love in action.
As I pray the Sign of the Cross today,
help me to remember that you created me through your love,
you save me through your love,
and you guide and empower me through your love.
I love you and need you in order to truly love my neighbour.